A healing journey that has shifted my life…

I arrived in Dubai in 2013, already 5 years ago… Time is flying in this city! I’ve been sharing this active life with Dubai: Training. Working. Partying. Sleeping. Repeat.

Not a lot of sleep, way too much stress and not a minute for myself. Honestly, I was in love with this stamina, kind of addicted to it. That feeling of being in line with life, invulnerable, essential, bulletproof… “I only had 4 hours sleep and the last time I had a day off was 3 weeks ago, but it’s ok I love my life!”… That love story didn’t last long. What I thought was a healthy routine started to turn against me, as if nature was judging me to take control back. So, I went through the fateful stages of life: love and hatred, friendship and betrayal, happiness and grief. Ordinary, right? After a few burn-outs, I decided to break up with my routine.

My journey started with a life coach who taught me to forgive myself and others in a way to move forward. Then I did some hypnotic regression to heal my unconscious mind. Pretty interesting and very helpful but still I was carrying a blockage, something that prevented me from letting myself go.

Even if at this at this stage I’ve firmly decided to change my lifestyle I wasn’t even half way done. But curiously, since I launched this journey process things started to become coincidentally happening like magic.   

I was at a party and a guy “out of nowhere” sat next to me and said “I can feel your energy, you can’t enjoy the moment because something is holding you back. You need to work on this but you need help… practice yoga, meditation and see a healer.” Then disappeared. Did I dream that guy?!

After this unexpected encounter with an “angel”, I made myself a promise: I will live in a different way and make every day count. So, I did. I didn’t give in to that weakness for too long and started educating myself on health, good food, mindfulness, and anything I could get my hands and mind on. 

The following week, I went back to my yoga studio and met Shirly for the first time. I was familiar to yoga and tried meditation but I wasn’t regular. 1 week on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on… Unbalanced. Her class was the absolute complement to my journey, fortifying the union of the body, mind, and spirit. Then she mentioned at the end of her class that she also gives meditation and healing personal sessions. I was speechless. What a coincidence? Is it really a coincidence or a sign?

I decided to ask her for personal sessions and her approach was very soft and opened, she said “it’s up to you whenever you feel ready, let me know and we will plan few sessions together”. I really appreciated her philosophy cause honestly, I wasn’t ready but I had to catch this moment. There was something unique and magical about it.

Meanwhile, I continued to attend her class, in a much more constant way. It was incredibly challenging for me. I had so much difficulty being still and in the present moment. But Yoga works. It makes me feel good. When I feel good, I am more prepared to navigate life’s inevitable challenges, whatever they may be. Shirly was such an incredible inspiration to me. She taught me a new way to be physical. I couldn’t just work hard and push through. I needed to add a sweetness, a piece of my heart, to my physicality. There was a lot of healing in that process.

The healing philosophy was a totally new to me. I had no expectations but still. I realized now, looking back at myself 3 months ago, that I wasn’t myself. Shirly helped me figure out how to listen and taught me that what was going on inside me wasn’t bad or weird or so different from anyone else. I had no perspective.

Through healing sessions and yoga practice, Shirly taught me about myself, and helped me to get in touch with who I am and live the present moment. I feel that spending time in the past can be really unproductive. Her philosophy has taught me how to access the present moment.

However, she noticed something unbalanced, something physical that she couldn’t reach for unexpected reasons. Two months ago, my doctor told me that I had a pelvic mass and needed an urgent checkup. I got this benign mass removed one month ago. Strangely, I imagined that this mass represented something from my past I finally got rid of. It was such a release and would had happened without the continuously healing help of Shirly.

Healing played an integral role in building a thread between all the parts of myself: body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga and meditation continue to challenge me, and I feel the growth in myself because of it. After practicing I feel relaxed, and many times it helps me to regain a more positive outlook. I have the ability to silence all the noise in my head through meditation. It helps me to calm down or be lifted up.

The way I see it, my life depends on my balance and my balance is supported by yoga.

My journey continually roots me in the present moment, where all that has happened and all that is yet to come, can dissolve—however briefly—and I am able to experience, observe, and nourish what shows up for me in the here and now.

Shirly, I am grateful our paths have crossed and I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason…

"One day Shirly and I began talking after Yoga and I instantly connected with her - as soon as I found out she was a healer I signed on....my life was in all over the place. During our sessions she listened to me and gave me easy to follow advice. I'm a different person now...full of confidence"

"I had weight problems and a major issue with my self-esteem. A friend recommended Shirly. I had nothing to lose so I began sessions.....she made me see life from a new perspective. I feel great now"

"Shirly made some simple changes to what I was eating and after a few sessions with her it started working....now my life has really improved"

"I loved my diagnosis and strangely I received many compliments on the sound of my voice during my next show....it really worked"

Natalie Price

Radio personality Dubai 92 

"Dubai can get really busy at times and it's a lot easier to lose our way being so far away from home and family, but Shirly can help guide you in the right direction and feel good about yourself again."

Viva Magazine 2014

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