Shirly's Philosophy

Shirly is driven by her desire to pass on the benefit of her own experience. Her treatment links her belief that the mind, the body and the spirit act as single parts of a whole entity. She analyses, cleases and heals these 3 elements of our lives. She heals from truths that are experienced and discovered rather than from dogma​​

Shirly uses practical skills to integrate into real life the insights she has gained, developed & transformed from her own experiences walking her path and becoming a better teacher & healer both in teaching and in life

Wherever your focus is directed - that's where your energy goes & whatever you allow in your space - you eventually become.​​

​​Your path

Life is shaped by a series of choices and actions based on them. 

Sometimes we make wrong or bad choices we get lost, disillusioned and depressed.

​​Shirly believes that having balance in your life can bring about the conditions that we need to live our lives in harmony both with ourselves and with the world around us.

She can help you by developing your self-awareness to find the balance between mind, body & spirit. By discovering & accepting ourselves we can build bridges that reconnect us with ourselves, other people and the world around us.

The story so far

Since the beginning over 20 years ago, Shirly Shan has become well versed in many different yoga styles - Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, Ashantanga, Bikram Yoga. Yoga Alliance certified, Shirly has studied extensively from Eastern Ayurveda & Chinese medicine to Western naturopathic medicine. She is a Reiki Master and specializes in Healing, Chakra cleansing, Aura Balancing, Ayurveda and Life Coaching. Her knowledge and expertise is extensive and her skills are greatly sought after.

Shirly has studied under many prominent yoga teachers and has drawn her inspiration from the likes of Sri Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Ana Forrest and Patrick Creelman. Her experience is truly international and multi-cultural. She touches peoples lives wherever she goes.

At Kumbh Mela festival in India (the largest spiritual gathering on earth) in her own words “indescribable, a once in a lifetime experience” she experienced a profound awakening where she gained insights on life. From this moment she knew she had to pass on her experience to those her life touched.

Shirly has experienced a re-birth through holistic healing. It has enabled her to recover and become free from a tragedy that left her in a web of depression and despair. She didn’t realize at the time, but her healing ability brought her back to a full and healthy life. Later on along the journey yoga healed her chronic pain from arthritis. The more she has discovered the more balanced and content she has become. She believes the journey is far more important than the destination.

Through yoga she connects with her students so they have a total yoga experience when they take her classes. Shirly loves to see her students grow, from the first time they come to her classes. This is what motivates her as a teacher. She always says:

"There is no judgment, do the best you can, as long as you put your mind and heart into it, that's what really matters”

She believes a healthy body creates a healthy mind. When the mind is open the body follows. Years ago she never imagined she could do certain poses…she can now! After stepping off the mat with each practice she always feels energized, nourished and balanced.
In healing she believes our mind is like an umbrella, it only works when it is open. Give yourself a chance in order to give others a chance!

Shirly takes satisfaction when her clients take their first steps along a road

…to re-discover what we have lost

​​​Life  Love  Balance

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Shirly Shan

We are all connected, our actions are like waves touching all things

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